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HydrangeaOnly one element in life can take beauty away from flowers: time. At Flowers by Gallon E&I, we shrink delivery time and provide the best quality possible in three (3) ways: sourcing only the freshest flowers, eliminating "middleman" distributors, and delivering straight to your door Farm-Direct at the lowest price. From the gorgeous Alaskan mountains to sunny Palm Beach Florida, our 3-day priority distribution is guaranteed.

Earth laughs in flowers.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Hamatreya"


Why choose flowers by Gallon E&I?
We honor our wholesale name.

Flowers at Gallon E&I challenges the usual supply chain with delighting quality at great price. How? Three to four days before your delivery date, our farms cut and pack your desired flower selection. Then, they are flown overnight from our farms directly to FedEx's quality care location where they are shipped out to you, our beloved client, the next day! Regular production from our farms guarantee order fulfillment 7 days a week, 365 days of the year!

Fields of HydrangeasFrom Latin America with love
Grown and handled in the best environments possible, the Gallon E&I brand is guaranteed by years of experience from our Latin American partners. After grading and hand harvesting, the highest quality flowers are select for you, hydrated, and boxed in bunches of 20 to 30 per variety to be taken to the airport and shipped overnight to our handling location in Memphis, TN.

We are always striving to deliver to you the best flower, at the best price, in the shortest time possible. We believe beauty should not be confined, and your time is our most precious asset.

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